One of the first decisions people make about themselves, in a very real sense, has been made by outside influences and inputs.

In childhood there are so many messages that are accepted literally without reflection or understanding and these messages have implications on future behavior. It is not a desire to seek a villain in this process, but to underline the reality that there is good reason to believe that the first decision you made about yourself really was, to some degree, flawed.

In order for you to assume your rightful position as a leader under the proper set of circumstances it is vital that you consciously make the decisions that: 1) you are a leader; 2) you deserve to be respected as a leader and 3) you have a great deal to offer. We refer to this as authorizing yourself. If you do not consciously accept the fact that you are a leader and position yourself for that important role then it has been our experience that you will be largely ignored, and that the opportunities for you to contribute in the personal arena as well as your career will be limited. It is vital that you believe that you have an inner voice that needs to be shared in the public arena.

This authorization of yourself is not in any way an indication of arrogance or that you are placing yourself above others. It is rather a definition of the individual value that you bring to a particular set of circumstances in your daily life.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]