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Authorize Yourself

One of the first decisions people make about themselves, in a very real sense, has been made by outside influences and inputs. In childhood there are so many messages that are accepted literally without reflection or understanding and these messages have implications on future behavior. It is not a desire to seek a villain in [...]

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Dissatisfaction is the foundation for all personal and group change. Spelling out why you are dissatisfied can lead to the creation of new alternatives. Habits and comfort zones often suppress dissatisfaction and when we focus on a specific goal we increase the level of current dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction can be positive or negative, but either way [...]

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All persons and groups are targeted oriented and what we see or don't see effects our decisions and behaviors. A key part of our brain seeks opportunities that enable us to reach our targets. New targets provide energy and inspiration and the more specific the target the better chance the brain will find constructive opportunities. [...]

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We all carry rules which are absorbed along the way. Many of these rules were not consciously chosen but they effect our choices. Rules are often ironclad and do not allow grey areas. Our habits are fueled by rules. Rules are not necessarily bad but when understood they allow new choices. Leadership opportunities grow when [...]

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I learned a great deal about Leadership from Viktor Frankl. Good strategy comes from Vision and Viktor despite the most horrendous circumstances did not concentrate on what he had lost, but rather what was going to occur in the future. He also conveyed that we as humans are more than a series of determined behaviors [...]

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Difference Between Training and Development

by Mike Myatt Training focuses on technique/content/curriculum – Development focuses on people. Training tests patience – Development tests courage. Training focuses on the present – Development focuses on the future. Training adheres to standards – Development focuses on maximizing potential. Training is transactional – Development is transformational. Training focuses on maintenance – Development focuses on [...]

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Roving Leadership focuses on the fact that employees are the most important part of any organization. Despite this reality large numbers of employees in many organizations do not feel valued, and perceive that their talents are underutilized. When they are not challenged their work becomes routine, and often without personal meaning. It is true that [...]

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As I shaved this morning it dawned on me that I start exactly in the same place and follow a pattern that never deviates. This habit is rather harmless and makes little difference in my life, but I realized how many other rituals are performed at the emotional and behavioral level which may not be [...]

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