Brief Summary

I am a storyteller, writer, business consultant, art dealer, and former Catholic priest. For over 25 years I have successfully engaged private and public companies in their search for outstanding strategic performance. I love public speaking and use humor to inspire audiences with insights on life and leadership.

I was profoundly influenced by my relationship with Dr. Viktor Frankl, the celebrated psychiatrist and author of Man’s Search for Meaning. The desire to humanize the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust was the driving force behind my two published novels Hitler’s Priest and The Cross or the Swastika. My third, and forthcoming, book is Roving Leadership.

Topics For Shows & Interviews

Creating a compelling organizational future through Roving Leadership. A proven system that focuses on each person and department to make vital contributions to the organization.The key belief is that depending on the individual challenge Leadership moves from person to person.The benefit to your audience is that individuals will have specific ways to further their careers and enhance productivity and profits for the organization.Secret Strategies to improve organizational performance. Viktor Frankl’s road map on finding personal and professional meaning. Specific benefit to the audience will be the concrete ways to fulfill personal and career goals.Using past failures to create outstanding performance .Ways to take feedback and learning from the past. His work continues to positively influence the lives of every generation

Helpful questions for Interviews

Is Roving Leadership just another flavor of the month management gimmick?What results has this approach resulted in specific organizations?What are the roadblocks in applying Roving Leadership?Who was Viktor Frankl? How did you meet him and what did you learn about Leadership?