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About The Presentation

Year after year, decade after decade, antisemitism proves to be among the most entrenched and pervasive forms of hatred and bigotry in the United States.

In the wake of the continuing acts of antisemitic violence, Sal is sharing his wisdom and perspective on the origins and growth of antisemitism in Europe during World War II and where we are today.

As a Catholic priest, Sal studied with Viktor Frankl in Vienna and San Diego.  Viktor, who was his teacher, mentor, and ultimately a friend, introduced Sal to many other survivors and through their eyes the holocaust became personal. Their stories touched his heart, and at one point Viktor said to him “Now that you know, you must be a witness.”

Sal fulfilled that obligation in the writing of three novels, Hitler’s Priest, The Cross or The Swastika, and The Architect of Auschwitz which bring the genocide to life. He has spoken in both the US and Europe about the roots of Jewish persecution.

Sal is a gifted storyteller, and engaging speaker. Join him for an insightful and lively discussion about the history of Judaism and Christianity, and where we go from here.

‘It would be phenomenal to spend two hours face to face with Dr. Viktor E. Frankl. That is not possible, but you can spend two hours with Dr. Tagliareni, adsorbing all he learned in the three years as Frankl’s student in Vienna and San Diego.

Sal brings his strong intellect and engaging personality to everything that he does. His contributions to interfaith understanding, Holocaust education, and human development have made a profound difference in communities across the nation.

Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff

Past President, Central Conference of American Rabbis

Viktor Frankl’s work has been a guidepost for my life but I gained new powerful insights from his work in Sal’s marvelous presentation.

Jean S.