The first book by author S.J. Tagliareni, Hitler’s Priest is a novel that offers a rare window into the psychological and moral conflicts raised by the Nazis. Based on Tagliareni’s experiences as a former Catholic priest, the novel also provides insider information on the complex Catholic involvement in the Holocaust.

In this novel by the author of Hitler’s Priest, follow along as a diverse and wide-ranging cast of characters journey through the events of World War II and the Holocaust.  Broad in scope and thematic undertakings, settings range from the eternal city of Rome to a prison cell in London, from Denmark to the Russian front. Go inside the secret conversations of the Nazi inner circle, as Hitler and Goebbels enact their plans for European domination and the extermination of people of the Jewish faith.

This is a novel about ordinary men who lived extraordinary lives, confronted by social transformation in a convulsive moment in American history, navigating personal tragedy and claiming different visions of service, success and faith. Their friendship challenges each of them to lighten up, truth up, and man up to face their fears, healing old wounds and reviving their dreams. With humorous insight into men’s friendships and feelings, this story speaks to today’s political and social divide, proving that no matter how stuck we might seem, we can change and grow at any age.