The Value of Friendship

“ON THE CORNER captivates as it captures a galvanizing era of history through the eyes of two star-crossed friends who come to treasure the value their everlasting friendship. A recommended compelling read.”

A Story of Friends and So Much More!

“Not only does the author share his beautiful story of a special lifelong friendship; but writes about family relationships and life lessons that will captivate you and allow you to laugh and cry. I finished this book in one day; I needed to know what happened next! An excellent summer read that I will share with my friends!”

A Wonderful Story Everyone Can Relate To!!

“I love a book that stirs my emotions, and On the Corner surely did with characters I immediately related to and cared about. What a roller coaster ride just like real life with belly laugh moments, gut -wrenching losses, and so many life lessons about friendship, family and what’s really important. Great book!”


“This book takes you on an intimate journey with two very passionate men. You go through their childhood together and then the journey takes you into their loves, goals, losses and triumphs. It’s raw at times. It made me cry and laugh and think about my own relationship with God and church and how I was brought up. Don’t miss this book.”