A Well Written Book for All Leaders

“This kindle book is excellent – not just for the aspiring or recently assigned or promoted leader, but also for those with years of experience. It is well organised and each chapter includes appropriate examples from Mr Tagliareni’s clients, friends and family. A thought provoking and worthwhile read.”

Try it. You’ll like it.

“S.J. Tagliareni has knack of making the abstract and theoretical a most personal matter. His latest book brings the notion of “Leadership” into a readable structure, easily identifiable and most helpful. He fills the book with a cast of characters who can lead the reader to see the traps to leadership and growing self esteem and the means to overcome the traps. This is not a “feel good” book; it is an “I can do it” book.”

A Book for All

“Roving Leadership provides guidance for leaders at every level from wannabes to CEOs. Advice gleaned from years of study and observation is clearly laid out for all. Highly recommended.”

Thought Provoking!!!

“What a good book here, gets you thinking and that’s always a good thing!!! The whole concept of Roving Leadership instead of static leadership is an outstanding concept. The book provides a number of examples from every day life that made me think of instances of roving leadership in my own personal and business life where I always thought static leadership was in play. The book reads easily without a lot of corporate mumbo-jumbo and I highly recommend it to all seeking to better understand all kinds of leadership thought.”

Changing the Lives of the Disempowered

“Dr. Tagliareni’s concept of “Roving Leadership” is a valuable contribution to the field of clinical psychology! Many of my clients suffer from feeling disempowered in their jobs with large corporations. This book is groundbreaking work that helps change this dysfunction that is so common in modern corporate America. I strongly recommend it to psychotherapists who will also then be recommending the book to their clients!”