A Must Read – The Cross or the Swastika by S.J. Tagliareni

“S. J. Tagliareni is masterful in his story-telling. The Cross or the Swastika weaves a story of the choices people were faced with during the Holocaust. It leaves the reader with a clearer understanding of that horrific time in the world’s history and the people who were so effected by it. It is a compelling book that is hard to put down once you begin reading.”

A Must Read!

“If you have read Hitler’s Priest, you must read the Cross or the Swastika! An engaging follow up, it will grip you from the first and bring to life the drama of the period. A wonderful read from S.J. Tagliareni.”


“Tagliareni’s The Cross of the Swastika is engrossing. The author immerses the reader in the daily lives of ordinary folks, sharing their deepest values and hopes. When their hopes are destroyed, the author tries to help the reader understand the thinking of Nazi officers and leaders of the Catholic church. The writer brings the horror of the Nazis’ actions to the reader. The reader wishes for different outcomes. A passionate book, a must read.”

I Read Hitler’s Priest and…

“I am deeply moved by how the author continued the story including the horrors of the Nazis interwoven with the personal stories
of courage, resiliency through finding meaning, and some insights into how toxic shame is part of what
happens when humans become monsters.”