The first book by author S.J. Tagliareni, Hitler’s Priest is a novel that offers a rare window into the psychological and moral conflicts raised by the Nazis. Based on Tagliareni’s experiences as a former Catholic priest, the novel also provides insider information on the complex Catholic involvement in the Holocaust.

Hans Keller is highly intelligent – so much so that he places little value in his studies or in religion. But after a chance meeting with the charismatic Josef Goebbels, a leader of the burgeoning Nazi Party, atheistic Hans is offered a key role in shaping the future of the Nazis new Germany: providing influence within the Catholic Church. As his thoughts become more clouded and his morals crumble, Hans finds himself immersed in a shadowy role of manipulation and deceit; he is becoming Hitler’s priest.

Author and former Catholic priest S. J. Tagliareni offers an astounding amount of historical research, highly attuned cultural notes, and a varied and fascinating cast of characters in his new thriller. In addition, Hitler’s Priest offers a rare window into the psychological and moral conflicts raised by Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

“Hitler’s Priest is a stunning novel with many fascinating twists and turns.”

Joseph J. Pittelli, MD, Former executive VP, Wyeth Pharmaceutical

Hitler’s Priest by S.J. Tagliareni is a page-turning book whose characters will live in your thoughts long after you finish reading it. You will be entranced by the author’s depictions of the characters and events that led up to the rise of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich, and will want to keep reading until late into the night.

Douglas R.Cobb, Author of The Case Files of Lily and PAWS series

If you loved reading The Boy In Striped Pajamas and The Book Thief and other novels about the Third Reich, or you’re a history buff, you’re sure to want to add Hitler’s Priest to your reading lists today!

Douglas R.Cobb, Author of The Case Files of Lily and PAWS series

”Hitler’s Priest, a captivating novel, offers its readers more than an eyeopening and potent story: this book contains profound observations and unforgettable life lessons. Thank you, S. J. Tagliareni, for giving us this important novel.”

Arthur Kurzweil, American Author, Educator, Editor, Writer, Publisher, and Illusionist

”A gripping story of treachery, heroism, and life-altering choices.”

Aaron T. Beck, MD, Institute for Cognitive Therapy

“When one is drawn closer to evil, at what point do you react and try to pull away? Hitler’s Priest is a novel that delves into the nature of humanity when faced with the evil of the Holocaust. S. J. Tagliareni, an ex-Catholic priest, provides a different perspective on the Catholic involvement in the Holocaust. Hitler’s Priest is riveting and very hard to put down, highly recommended.”

Hitler’s Priest will provide the reader with an understanding of:

  • The roots of in Germany that led to the Holocuast.

  • Why hatred for the Treaty of Versailles allowed Hitler to come to power.

  • How the Holocaust began slow but was progressive.

  • The plan to keep the Vatican away from the reality of the Final Solution.

  • The complex choices confronting the characters in the story.

  • The Encyclical condemning the Nazis, which was never published.

  • The overwhelming silence of the world during the Holocaust.

Chapter Excerpts

It was a beautiful morning in Rome. I had just had coffee at the Piazza Navona and had spent hours reading the paper in the shadow of one of the most beautiful fountains in Europe.  As I perused the Herald Tribune, which kept me in touch with the States, I was entranced by the beauty of the Fountain of the Four Great Rivers.  The magical sound of the water and the beauty of the statues gave life to the fountain. How lucky I was to be here in this magnificent city as a student priest and to have the opportunity to roam through the annals of history. Rome has so many treasures that I had to resist the temptation to see it as a tourist.  It is a city of living moments that leap out from doorways, fountains, and cobblestone streets.  The voices of the Forum can still be imagined as the sun glances off the Palatine Hill.  Rome does things to your heart and soul and there are moments when you believe that you have lived here before.  With all these poetic ruminations rushing through my veins, I finished my last drop of coffee.  I still could not summon up the desire to leave this wonderful Piazza, so I ordered another cup.

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Before the hostilities began in Europe there was no more satisfying job than being an ambassador to the Vatican and living in Rome, especially if you were a Roman Catholic.  Karl Hunsecker, German ambassador to the Vatican, had held various posts before 1927 that were far less desirable than any in Rome.  Deployed in Canada and the United States, he had enjoyed those posts, but the opportunity to return to Europe was the highlight of his career.  Trained as a diplomat, he was also an avid student of Roman history and was fluent in Italian.  With his wife and three children he lived in a charming area in Trastevere, Rome.  Being stationed in Rome also offered the Hunseckers the opportunity to visit both of their families in Regensburg and Zurich.

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Rabbi Abraham sat in the corridor fidgeting with his hat in a high state of nervousness. He had been traveling for days and it was difficult to remember when he had actually slept in a bed. He had spent much of the past two months traveling through Eastern Europe, and with forged papers had been able to pass himself off as a German merchant. He had worked for his father in Danzig years ago in the furniture business so his knowledge base was sufficient to bluff his way through simple border crossings or passport reviews on trains. His years spent as an adolescent in Germany and his fluency in German made him familiar with local customs.

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