On The Corner
— A Novel of Lifelong Friendship —

This is a novel about ordinary men who lived extraordinary lives, confronted by social transformation in a convulsive moment in American history, navigating personal tragedy and claiming different visions of service, success and faith. Their friendship challenges each of them to lighten up, truth up, and man up to face their fears, healing old wounds and reviving their dreams. With humorous insight into men’s friendships and feelings, this story speaks to today’s political and social divide, proving that no matter how stuck we might seem, we can change and grow at any age.

Sal and Michael are best friends growing up in Jersey City in the 1950s, attending the same school and church. When tragedy strikes repeatedly, their bond is strengthened. One become a priest; one a surgeon. Their complicated lives take them in different directions, but when they meet again sixty years later, the bond is still there and makes all the difference. This novel explores faith, family, friendship, the meaning of work and service, and the enduring importance of where we come from. On the Corner will make you laugh, cry—and reach out to others. Both friends take inspiration from and measure themselves against The New Testament and Viktor Frankl’s classic Man’s Search for Meaning. At its core, this novel has the same message: what matters is love.

“Inspirational, emotional, real—On the Corner captures the unrelenting power of friendship and lifelong values. S. J. Tagliareni has merged them into a tour- de-force that will leave you laughing, crying, and cheering for Sal and Michael as their lives intertwine creating an unbreakable bond.”
Patricia Gussin, New York Times best-selling author of Come Home

“It will touch your heart and ignite your mind to the endless possibilities life holds…even to the end. If you have ever loved deeply, grieved deeply, questioned life, or your purpose,this is a MUST READ!”

MAK (Mary Anne) Moran / Barrie Ontario,Canada, Author of God Lives in Detroit (and vacations in other places)

“This 5 star novel literally bursts with love,joy,laugh out loud humor ,profound sadness and a colorful cast of characters. The “corner friends” and Jersey City scenes evoked so many wonderful memories of by gone days and the life long friendships made during that time. A wonderful story!! It would make a wonderful movie.”

Mary Jane Heiart Scarcia, Your Content Goes Here

“On the Corner is profound, heartbreaking, funny, deeply interesting and realistic in how lives progress through a lifetime.”

Peter Fitipaldi

“On the Corner” is a masterpiece. A tale of two men and the lessons they learned as they made their way from the middle of the last century to the beginning of this one. The stories will lead you through your own memories in a profound and touching way, leaving you with fresh, sweet energy to help pursue the rest of your life.”

Mark Maloney , Former Director of the Boston BRA

Author, motivational speaker, and former Catholic priest Tagliareni (The Cross or the Swastika, 2014, etc.) blends his own memories with fiction in this sparkling, inspirational novel about Michael McNally and Sal La Greca, who first meet in a New Jersey grade school in 1954. When plucky Sal rescues scrawny Michael from menacing seventh-grade bullies, the two boys forge a bond. Full Review

Kirkus Review, Kirkus Reviews