Roving Leadership is based on my conviction that sustained organizational success is not merely the responsibility of one or a few persons at the top. It is not a quick simple fix but a process that creates positive outcomes by utilizing the skills and talents of the entire organization. The key premise is that the opportunity to lead moves depending on the challenges facing the organization. It allows the organization to find the “Why” it exists and provides the energy and inspiration that are the foundations of positive transformation .It is not merely Kumbaya feelings but rather an operational and strategic framework that captures the talents and skills of every person in the organization.

Roving Leadership is not a “pie in the sky “panacea. However, it is based on empirical evidence that everyone can be a leader with the right set of circumstances and challenges. Regardless of the business challenges everyone has some opportunity to lead Roving Leadership widens the concept from the few to the many. Once this becomes part of the company values the culture is positively transformed. The goal of leadership is not the selling of a view or goal but rather the enrolling of others in creating value and sharing the risks.